Digital Design Lab I | Rachel Dangerfield, instructor

Use of essential industry-standard software applications and workflows are covered through research and practice in integrating software and workflow systems into best professional practices for both print and web production. Projects are focused on layout strategies and techniques needed for visually rich and real-world projects with evident professional design and production skills for printed and online products

Check out the resource page for excellent information and things I talk about in class.

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Course information

  • Note: attendance & grades are on GoStudio

Monday | Wednesday 8am

Project 1

Project 2

Demo Files

Project 3
(entire semester long)

  • Project 2: Process Book

    • Rubric

    • We will be reviewing this document the entire semester but the final will be submitted at the very end with Project 6.

    • See Project 6 for Craft & Objectives


Submitting FIles

  • Video is uploaded to vimeo/youtube & embedded to Behance

  • Also place on your Instagram


Presentation of the Identity Design will begin the last week of the semester.

Be prepared to share all printed materials and Instagram video in a clever and thoughtful manner.