What do you think when you see this logo?



Or this logo?



Visual Design Mind Mapping 

The most difficult part of being a creative of any kind is idea generation

When I’m trying to come up with ideas or strategize, I make a mind map. Mind maps are organic and allow me to free associate. They are great for asking questions and revealing connections between seemingly unrelated ideas. Sometimes this is the main way I can get to a Brands Identity which is what these logos are.

A mind map is an intricate web of thoughts, ideas, names, words and images that all stem from one central idea or word in diagram form.


Started with a great topic YOU! The main points then radiate outward from the center creating twigs and branches of ideas from there.  Check out Audrey's entire process for her surface project.


  • Everything stems from a thought
  • Every thought is a word
  • Every idea is a thought
  • Every word is a potential idea
  • Every image is a potential idea
  • Every thought is a potential idea
  • Good thoughts come when bad thoughts stop
  • Good ideas come when bad ideas go
  • You flick your brains switch to ‘on’ when you stop over-thinking
  • Once you still the mind ideas come
  • Patience allows time for ideas to evolve
  • Preconceived notions only breed preconceived ideas
  • Stressing for answers brings stressful results
  • Stretching your mind is effortless and simple
  • Saying: “I can’t think of anything” Really means: “I think I can’t think of anything”
  • Ideas don’t dry up – thoughts do

What do you think when you read your name?