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Please reference Dwayne Todds weekly email for more detailed information and events around CCAD and our city. 

Ad/graph Collective

  • Every Wednesday 7 pm,  
    Crane AD/Graph space
  • Calendar of events
  • email: 

Art of the Trailer

  • March 26th – 29th
  • Devin Hawker (famous copywriter)
  • Develop your own trailer
  • Collaborate with other majors
  • Win and get to work with Devin
  • See linked PDF for details
  • Please see Josh Bodman or email him (
  • Limit: 20 AD/Graph Majors




    Jessica hische

    • March 25th
    • 7 pm
    • Canazani Auditorium
    • Skype interview

    Student Assessment

    • March 2nd & 3rd
    • See linked PDF for details
    • See One Stop or Self Service
      for date and time of review (s)
    • Liberal Arts will be emailing all students information. If you do not receive an email a week prior please check with One Stop.


    • March 12th
    • 11:15 am – 12:15 pm
    • Crane 305