ADVE3630 – Web Strategy & Design

Introductory practical skills in the interactive design field, including key components of web design and development. Projects include designing graphics for the web, redesign of existing web sites, design of marketing collateral, social media as applied to promotion and career development, class process blog, and basic HTML and CSS coding.

David Bennett's classes, Fall 2018

ADVE3630.03 Monday & Wednesday 3:30Pm

ADVE3630.01 Tuesday & Thursday 12:30Pm

General stuff 

Let's be careful out there


Research helpers

Design inspiration

Project 1: Responsive page building

Files & stuff

Project 2: Responsive microsite design

Assignment specs


Files & Stuff

Project 3: WordPress demo site

Assignment Specs

Dev Environment

The basic idea of how WordPress does its thing . . .

Project 4: Site planning

Assignment Specs

Files & Stuff

  • TBA


  • TBA