What resulted from a collaborative effort

Process for the student

  • Go studio
    • Class time
    • Attendance
    • Calendar
    • Syllabus
    • Grades using the rubric for entering grades
  • We teach design website: 
    • show ours but at the end show there results of it all
  • Assignments: sample link
    • Rubrics: sample link
    • Class demos show page
    • Resources: links
    • Social media  
      • Twitter: communication show tweets
      • Instagram: examples show images
      • Pinterest: research show pins
  • Submitting:
    • Orion: not good.. We want students to submit on the fly. Not in class. Wastes time
    • Dropbox or Google drive or amazon show how to reach it
  • Results
    • Gallery page

Why collaborative? Because all graphic design courses should be connected 

Working together strengths the program and learning experience

List more here with more examples


what were the practical problems and concerns we had: Gostudio…no collaboration, duplication of sections is difficult (why we started this in the first place)